Future Plans

Updated At: 13 Apr 2021

Apart from its regular programs, the Department has initiated several programs in the present context of technological advancement. A brief description of these are given below, but the future plans are by no means limited to these as change with the trend is inevitable:

Re-engineering of Cadastre System

Although the present cadastral database is adequate for the day to day functioning of administration of land, it is found to be deficient in the scientific administration, management and manipulation of land data. To resolve this, the Department has targeted to give priority to the following issues.

  • Preparation and updating of cadastral plans and land data, for districts, which have not been surveyed within the National Geodetic framework.
  • Numerical cadastre method to be used for mapping for greater accuracy.
  • Preparation of Parcel based Cadastral Information System with a priority to regions of high population density for Land Information System.
  • Preparation of Parcel Plan of land, and provide the data to the respective landowners, with a precedence to municipal areas.

National Geographic Information Infrastructure

In order to assist various organizations of Government of Nepal in maintaining accurate and appropriate knowledge of the demographic and socio-economic profile of the country to support the formulation of development has been launched. For this, establishment of National Topographical

Digital Database (NTDB), of the country is an essential component. The Department has started preparation of such database, by digitizing recently prepared topographic base maps at scales of 1:25,000 and 1:50,000.

The ultimate aims of programme are, to establish multi-resolution topographic database, to integrate the NTDB with database of the population Census, and also to accommodate as much data of various user agencies as possible, and to disseminate the data to the users.

Land Resource Information System

Among the different Land resource maps prepared by the Department with the help of the Canadian government, it is found that the Land utilization maps are in urgent need of upgradation. These maps have to be prepared at a larger scale and should also be update. For this, the existing data will be upgraded with the help of acrial photographs and satellite imagery and by using computerized technology digital database will be prepared.

National Atlas Information Service

For planning world-class mapping policies and other educational needs, a national atlas is essential. The Department has planned to prepare a National Atlas Information Service to cater to

Topographical Maps

These Topographical maps prepared in early 90’s are old and are not updated in reprinting. Demands of these maps for developed activities are very high. It is important to update these maps. So our future plan is updating of 706 Topographical map sites by suitable modern method.