Deputy Director General

Krishna Prashad Sapkota

Phone: +977 9851160608

Spatial data are created by several agencies as per their needs. Between 1999- 2002 Survey Department created the digital topographic database from its base-maps. Development of a multi-resolution geo database is under progress. In year 2002, Government of Nepal realized the importance of supporting in the creation of an infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of geographical information within the country. While the infrastructure will be designed in a way that it evolves eventually to serve the purpose of national geographical information infrastructure (NGII), the scope of the current activities is to pilot such an infrastructure with topographic and census data at the first priority. Such data will be made available and shared with all the users. On the second stage, the ministry of Local Development, the ministry of Education, the ministry of Health, the ministry of Agriculture and the ministry of Population and Environment will be incorporated on the infrastructure.

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