Major Responsibilities

Updated At: 14 Jul 2021

With time, the priorities of the department have shifted from its focus on cadastral activities only, and, newer technological advancements have obligated it to embrace a broader responsibility, and peer at wider horizons of mapping and related technology. The department with it’s subordinate branches help define the following activities:  

  • Establishment of a national network of control points throughout the country
  • Studying crustal movement to help to predict natural disaster
  • Studying the geoidal surface of Nepal and help to find the parameters in establishing the location of Nepal in the Earth’s surface
  • Preparation of cadastral plans of all the districts of the kingdom
  • Preparation of land database and provide land rights to individuals
  • Updating cadastral plans and land registers as and when land transaction take place
  • Preparation of topographical base maps
  • Aerial photography for various developmental, planning and mapping works
  • Preparation of Administrative and Land resource maps
  • Establishment of National Topographical Database, as well as multi-resolution topographical database
  • Carrying out international boundary survey works and to fulfill other international commitments of Nepal regarding surveying and mapping
  • Coordination of surveying, mapping and GIS activities in Nepal with other agencies
  • Updating the various maps and data prepared by the department
  • Provides maps, aerial photographs, geodetic data, and other related data required for planning developmental, educational, administrative and research works by other agencies in Nepal.