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Maps are the base for the efficient planning and management of all development works. To prepare maps indigenously, and to fulfill the various mapping needs of Government, a central mapping agency, the Survey Department was born in B.S. 2014.

In its early days, the activities of the Survey Department ware focused mainly on cadastral mapping to assist in the collection of land revenue. In B.S. 2019, legislation was passed and revised in B.S. 2021 to allow the Department to prepare maps and Land Registers, which helped not only to assess the revenue, but also to give the individual the...

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Digital Data

Spatial data are created by several agencies as per their needs. Between 1999- 2002 Survey Department created the digital topographic database from its base-maps. Development of a multi-resolution geodatabase is under progress. In year 2002, Government of Nepal realized the importance of supporting in the creation of an infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of geographical information within the country. While the infrastructure will evolve eventually to serve the purpose of national geographical information infrastructure (NGII), the scope of the current activities is to pilot such an...

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