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Measurement Methodology


Precise levelling is conducted to carry height from the southern plains of Nepal to the selected control points.


Trignometrical levelling is performed from selected control points(points to which height is carried by precise levelling).


Gravity survey was conducted to define the local geoid around the Everest region


GNSS based survey was conducted for determining locations of gravity points, bench marks as well as top of Sagarmatha.


GNSS and GPR survey was carried out at the top of the Sagarmatha. The team of two surveyor and number of sherpas successfuly summitted the Sagarmatha and did necessary observations. GNSS survey was conducted for 1 hour 16 minutes.


Summit Observation


The team of surveyor from Survey Department conducted successfuly on 22 of May at 3 00 AM. The team conducted GNSS observation for 1 hour 16 minutes and also Ground Penetrating Radar for snow depth observation.

Technical Support


Survey Department received technical equipments from Trimble Company that will support in Mt. Everest Height Measurement Program. Official handover ceremony was organized at the Survey Department on 7th of Februrary, 2019.

Consultation Workshop


Consultation Workshop for finalizing the methodology developed by Survey Department was conducted on 11-12 December 2017. The workshop finalized the working methodology of the everest heith measurement

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Sagarmatha Height Measurement Procedure: Presentation Slide[Original Version:Final version will be update later]

Program Schedule of the workshop

Field report of the quick recee done for bench marks from Mirchaiya of Siraha district to Katari of Udaypur district

Progress report of the year 2074/75

Progress in Brief


Consultation workshop conducted to finalize the working methodology.

Reconaissance Survey

Preliminary reconaissance and monumentation completed at different 13 Sagarmatha peak observation stations

Precise Levelling Survey

Precise Leveling observation of 248 kilometers is completed. With this, all the task of precise leveling has been completed. The height from Maadar at Siraha is carried to Pattale, Pike and Chhulyamu.

GNSS Survey

GNSS Survey for all planned control points is completed. GNSS survey at total 298 points has been completed

Gravity Survey

Monumentation of all gravity points is completed. Observation for all 298 stations is completed.

Traingulation and Trigonometrical Levelling

Tringulation and Trignometrical leveling have been completed. Everest has been observed from 12 stations

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