Topographical Survey Division


Topographical Survey Branch under the Survey Department, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Government of Nepal is the organisation which provides topographical mapping services as well as the Land Resources Maps & information. Initially, it was set up as Topographical Survey Unit in 1972 (B.S. 2030 Shrawan), & was then upgraded to Topographical Survey Branch in 1976.

With the UNDP assistance in 1976, this branch was able to procure major surveying equipment and to strengthen its technical manpower through training at home & abroad. With the assistance of Japan Government topographical maps of Lumbini zone was prepared. Similarly with the assistance of Finland Government topographical maps of the country except Lumbini zone was prepared in 1990-2001. Whole country is covered by 706 sheets of 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scale. Today this branch has more than 151 employees working in various posts with 7 major technical sections.

The Branch is Responsible for the Following Services:

  •     Provide Topographical mapping services including map compilation, cartographic processing & printing.
  •     Prepare & update the topographical base maps of the country.
  •     Publish various types of maps for development planning, administrative & other purposes.
  •     Provide services for aerial photography and taking aerial photographs of the proposed areas, to enlarge & rectify them.
  •     Provide land resources maps and information.
  •     Prepare & update land utilization maps.
  •     Print maps & charts.
  •     Assist in surveying & delineating international boundaries of the country with neighboring countries.


The section is responsible for taking aerial photography, processing, mosaicing & rectifying aerial photographs. Other jobs of this section include aerial triangulation, compilation as well as updating maps using aerial photography. This section has 36 skilled staff including two senior officers with photogrammetric equipment such as precision steroplotters, aerial camera, rectifier and data recorders.

During the map making processes, all the initial works are carried out in this section and manuscript maps are prepared. These maps are then handed over to the field section for field verification.


This section deals mainly with field survey works, which include plane table, tacheometry, GPS & traverse surveys. In addition, photogrammetric plotted sheets are verified in the field together with field annotation. Also, it provides control points for conducting aerial triangulation and extension of control points for large scale surveys.

During off field season, the staff of this section are engaged in field data processing, plotting of sheets and preparation for forth coming field works. This section has 42 skilled manpower including two senior officers & is equipped with various field survey instruments such as GPS receivers, EDM & total stations.


Other important section of Topographical Survey Branch is Cartography Section where the field verified maps are cartographically drawn in order to make them ready for printing. Plates are prepared in this section for printing multicoloured maps. guide images, peel coat etching, preparing texts, making colour proofs etc. The major responsibilities of this section include sheet designing and preparation for topographic, thematic maps, preparation of derived map checking field verified manuscript maps, scribing this section has 53 skilled staff in various positions & is equipped with a process camera, a NC scriber & a waxing machine. Presently, this section has started using computer technology to design map symbols.


This section is responsible for all printing jobs including maps and charts. This section is equipped with offset printing press which can print two colors at a time with capability of printing the map size up to 71cm. X 102cm. In addition, the section is equipped with a screen printing press. Presently, there are 17 staff including one senior officer working in this section.


The major responsibility of this section is to update Topographical Base Maps and Land Resources Maps. This section is equipped with Pentium Computers and ERDAS Softwares.

Other sections are :


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