स्थलरुप नापी तथा भू-उपयोग व्यवस्थापन महाशाखा

Topographical Survey and Landuse Mangement Division under Survey Department, Ministry of Land Management, Co-operatives and Poverty Alleviation, Government of Nepal is the organization which prepare topographical base maps, land resources maps, district maps, administrative maps , thematic maps, landuse maps etc. and provide services as well as information. Initailly , it was established as the Topographical Survey unit in 1972 (2030 B.S. Shrawan) and upgraded as Topographical Survey Branch in 1976.Now the  branch followed as Topographical Survey and Landuse Mangement Division from 2018.

With the UNDP assistance in 1976, this branch was able to procure major surveying equipment and to strengthen its technical manpower through training at home and abroad. With the assistance of Japan Government topographical maps of Lumbini zone was prepared. Similarly with the asssitance of Finland Government topographical maps of country except Lumbini zone was prepared in 1990-2001. Whole Country is covered by 706 sheets of 1:25000 and 1:50000 scale.Now a days this branch is updating topographical base maps, preparing landuse maps, land capability maps, soil maps and administrative maps of Nepal and other activities related to maps. Today this branch has more than 100 employees working in various posts with 5 major technical sections.

The available maps and services are as follows;


The five sections along with functions are:

  • To manage and provide services for satellite images, aerial photography, UAV mapping, taking aerial photographs of the proposed areas, to enlarge and rectify them.

  • To manage, formulate and mobilize the teams and its members to various field work.

  • To prepare and update the topographical base maps of the country,districts maps, administrative map of Nepal and other necessary thematic maps as well as print maps and charts.

  • To prepare and update the landuse maps/data.

  • To manage border documents, to prepare border mapsand assist in border surveying and delineating international boundaries of the country with neighboring countries.


Topographical Survey Department
The Deputy Director General
Topographical Survey Branch
Minbhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 014106957
Email: topo@dos.gov.np