Message from the Director General


Dear viewers,

It gives me immense pleasure on welcoming you on behalf of Survey Department.

Survey Department, since its establishment, has been striving for excellence in the field of surveying, mapping and land administration by incorporating advanced technologies.

Survey Department has been serving the mapping needs of the country through the Survey Department Complex at Minbhawan, Kathmandu and District Level Offices in each district. Three branch offices within the Survey Department Complex- Geodetic Survey Branch, Cadastral Survey Branch and Topographical Survey Branch work within the specialized sectors of Surveying and Mapping. The department also helms National Geographic Information Infrastructure Project which is mainly responsible for developing national spatial data infrastructure.

Along with rapid technological developments in surveying and mapping sector, the domain and working responsibilities of the department has also proliferated. Traditional technologies and human resources are being updated to serve the geospatial needs of the nation.I am confident that incorporation of geospatial technologies such as CORS, digital cadastral mapping and development of clearing houses for sharing of spatial information would be fundamental in fulfilling the spatial needs of the nation.

The role of Survey Department will be crucial in the context of federalization of the country. The department is prepared and confident to play a key role in the federal setup of the nation.

I believe, this website offer you the information that you are seeking for. For any further information about Survey Department, please feel free to contact via any media from “Contacts” and you will get responded in no time. The department welcomes constructive criticism and positive feedback from our valued viewers.

Thank you!

Ganesh Prasad Bhatta
Director General