महानिर्देशकको सन्देश

It is my pleasure to mention Survey Department, the only National Mapping Organization of Nepal, has been continuously contributing in the sector of Surveying, Mapping, Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation, which are very much crucial for the planned development of the country. Furthermore, the organization is contributing in Land Administration as well as International Boundary Management.

Some initiatives taken by the department have the potential to leave a historic legacy of the department. Initiatives taken by the department to scale the Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) has drawn attention of the international community. We consider this initiative to be not only a matter of pride for our profession but also an opportunity to enhance our capacity to cope with the challenges that has come alongside. Furthermore, department has also initiated the activities of LiDAR survey for the first time in country. This shall be a milestone for the development of high resolution Digital Elevation Model that will support in different development activities and disaster mitigation plan and management. Department is also conducting Land Use mapping that will support in implementation of Land Use Policy.

One of the major activity of the department is to prepare topographical base maps which is base for planning every development activities. Department prepared series of topographical base of whole country some decades ago and now running with the updates of these maps. In few years department will come up with updated topographical base maps. In near future, department is also planning to densify the Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) over the country.

There are apprehensions about the existence of the Department in the new organizational restructuring but succeeded to retain the department with even wider scope. Devolution of cadastral survey remains due for some years to come. We will keep on making our best efforts to ensure respectful professional identity at each of the government level; federal, provincial and local.

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